What to do if feel a need for sweets

There might be times when you deviate from the diet. It can be either planned and unplanned. But what happends when you deviate from the diet and get a need for sweets?

It varies of course from person to person how sensitive you are but the most common results of a when eating too much carbohydrates are of that you gain weight. The main reason for the quick increase in weight is that your body stores water when it stores carbohydrates. These pounds can take different amounts of time to get rid of. For some it can go away in just a few days, for others it takes longer.



You start getting stomach problems. You can get heartburn, gas, diarrhea and other stomach related problems. Headaches are also common.

The main thing to watch out for is that you do not regain your need for sweets. If you have lost your need for sweets it you can easily get it back even by eating minimal carbohydrates. If you get back your need for sweets it can be hard to break it again.

If you get into a need for sweets again, how do you get out of it again? First and foremost, one should remember that sweet tooth tends to be most common in the beginning, and it soon disappears after a period of low carb diet. For most, it usually takes one week to get rid of the worst cravings. Sweet tooth can also be a result of eating too little food and that you are really hungry.

If you are hungry for something, it is better to eat some of these examples:
* a piece of brie cheese
* some nuts
* cheese and butter rolls (put butter on slices of cheese and roll up)

Keep in mind that what you eat will contain a lot of fat and few carbohydrates. For example, choose the right kind of nuts to avoid many unnecessary carbohydrates.

It’s great if you can avoid sweetened products such as diet soda or sugar-free candy. They can make you get back your need for sweets again so that it does not disappear, but rather becomes worse. They may also contain a lot of carbohydrates.

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