Vegetables in low carb keto diet

Vegetables of course belong on your plate when you eat according to a low carb diet. The key is to choose the right kind of vegetables. If you do so then you can eat as much vegetables you want. But it comes to choosing the right as there are vegetables that are high in carbohydrates.


Some simple rules of thumb are:
* Choose vegetables that grow above ground
* Try to choose leafy vegetables such as different types of salad
* Red vegetables have more carbohydrates (they are sweeter) and should be eaten with caution
* Avoid roots – they can be eaten occasionally in small quantities as they often contain a high starch content

Examples of good vegetables are:
* Cauliflower
* Broccoli
* Squash
* Haricot Verts
* Asparagus
* Cabbage
* Eggplant
* Mushrooms
* Cucumber
* Salad
* Spinach
* Avocado
Different kinds of cabbage, such as cabbage, red cabbage, and Brussels sprouts

There are many ready-made vegetable mixtures in the freezer that has low carbohydrate content. They are always good to have at home in the freezer to have on the food instead of pasta, rice or potatoes. There are also many frozen vegetables such as asparagus and haricot verts which is also good to have at home.

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