Todays food – Korean BBQ

Today went out to have some Korean BBQ for dinner after work. Ended up in a nice Korean BBQ restaurant where we had some nice spicy beef, beef with koriander, lettuce and some mushrooms. In total the bill ended up around $10 for two persons.

bbq1 bbq2 bbq3 beef1 lettuce mushrooms


The way to eat it is that you bbq it yourself on the grill that is intergrated into the table. You add spices and salt as you want yourself. After the meat is finished you simply put it into a piece of lettuce and wrap the lettuce around the meat. Ready to just put into your mouth and enjoy.

Low on carbs, but not very high on the fat (quite much fat on the beef but probably not enough). All in all a very good meal and at a good price. Korean BBQ would be even better if there was some nice fat sauce I could add on the meat.

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