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Exercising on a keto diet, what to think of

If you are exercising while on a low carb diet like the keto diet there are some things you need to think about. If you are focusing on condition training then you can go on as you eat today and do not need to make any major changes. Some people prefer to add a little higher intake of carbohydrates directly after the training to improve their recovery but it is not really needed.

If your focus with your exercises in to improve in muscles and weight lifting then you need to consider if your main focus should be on weight loss or gaining muscles. It is of course possible to do both at the same time but it will not be the maximal muscle gain in this way. Training on keto diet is always possible, but needs special thought.

The minimum you should do is to add somewhere around 20 to 80 gram of carbohydrates directly after your training so you can ensure your muscles get enough energy to grow. You should also ensure you have a little higher protein intake than normal. When doing heavy weight lifting at the gym it is better if you are at around 1.4g of protein per body kilo instead of around 0.8-1.0g per body kilo. By doing these small changes you will optimize your weight lifting training and your muscle gain.

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