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Dangers of different diets, like the keto diet

You can test various fast diets and lose weight, that is no problem. Most likely you will lose a few pounds. The problem is that the human body is not made for eating only pineapple, grapefruit or bananas for a long time. Eating according to a specific diet for a very long time can have serious health risks.

Soon your longing for eating something that is bad for you will be too big and soon all the pounds that you just lost are back again. Diets differ very much from what people usually eat. Initially, one can reach a good effect. But it is almost never in the long run. In order to achieve a lasting less weight you have to look over their entire lifestyle.

But in a few weeks would be willing to live extremely ascetic and only take one or two foods are naturally lose weight. If you want to see quick results, they in virtually any diet works. You can eat peanuts or Danish pastries and drinking red wine and coffee only do you eat less than you spend and you can surely lose weight, but that is no long-term solution.

The optimal diet for everyone, especially older people, could be the Mediterranean diet which high in fish, vegetables, nuts, and vegetable oils. In short fats that makes your body and mind feel good.
Researchers have collected the data from a study for more than 40 years, following 70-year-old people, half men and half women and notes that 70-year-olds who ate a variant of the Mediterranean diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables , the right kinds of fats and avoided really sweet foods on average lived two to three years longer. Not surprisingly, the people who ate a lot of meat, sugar and a little fish had a shorter life.

Low carb diet

Low carb diet

Low carb diets are the diets in recent years moved up the most emotions and has divided many people into two groups, the ones that are for and against a high intake of saturated fats to reduce their weight. The dangers majorly comes down to it might not be good to be on a strict diet which can eventually lead to illness because you are not getting enough of what your body needs to feel good. If the scale is firmly pointing up, it’s time to eat less and start to move and to maintain muscle, but also to feel better mentally.

Keto diet used properly, which is drawing down on coffee bread and replacing the candy to nuts, coupled with increased physical activity can be great. But those who use and interpret it in the wrong way, this is the most dangerous diet we have had in a long time. At worst, it can lead to strokes and heart attacks, is what many people on the negative group says.

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