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Keto diet risks, is the keto diet dangerous?

There are many people talking about the advantages of a keto diet but very few people mentioned the possible keto diet risks. This article will try to look at some of the most likely risks with a keto diet and look into if there is any truth or danger behind these statements.

Keto diet risks heart problems

The most common motivation why people should not go on a keto diet is the risk of having a heart attack or similar heart problems. There is a research report published by researchers at the Cincinatti Children’s Hospital Medical Center that describes possible life threatening cardiac complications. This study was made by studying children who were following a ketogenic diet to see what the possible keto diet risks were. The keto diet that the children were following was used to control seizures. In the study it mentions a 5 year old child who got heart weakening and when this was discovered they started a full study of all the children who were following the same ketogenic diet in the clinic.

keto diet risks

keto diet risks

It was then found that 15 percentage of the children had physical and electrical heart abnormalities. The conclusion was then made that the reason for these heart abnormalities was the keto diet that they were following. The strange part with this study and what is not shown is that there was no study on how many of the children who had heart problems before they started with the keto diet. These 15 percentage with heart abnormalities could just as well have had these problems before starting with their diet.

Keto diet risks liver damage

In a Korean study from 2005 it was also said that a keto diet can give you liver damage, pancreatitis and electrolyte imbalances. There is also a possibility for getting osteopenia, kidney stones and cardiac problems after following a low carb diet such as the keto diet for a long time. However in the study it was also shown that some individuals did not suffer any of these problems even if following a strict keto diet for a very long time. There is a need for more studies within this field to see the full keto diet risks.

Keto diet general risks

As previously mentioned the keto diet is often used as a treatment for epilepsy. However on the website epilepsy.com there are also some possible side effects and keto diet risks listed. Some people who have been on a keto diet have experienced dizziness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This was also noted in the Korean study. The likely cause for these symptoms is the high amount of fat that is consumed during a keto diet. These studies that show these symptoms are however studies that have been done during a very short time and these symptoms will most likely go away if continuing with the keto diet for a longer time.

keto diet risks heart attacks

keto diet risks heart attacks

In the end there are of course possible side effects and risks with following a keto diet. However there are also studies showing that a keto diet will also improve your life and make you more healthy. There is even research showing that a keto diet can help with preventing and treating cancer. In the end it is up to you if you want to try out a keto diet after knowing the risks and possible side effects. Always keep in mind that even with a “normal” diet there are side effects and risks.

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