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How does keto, lchf and other low carb diets work?

We have had several articles about what to eat and what to drink when being on a low carb diet. But you might wonder how does it actually work. Why are you loosing weight when using keto diet, LCHF diet or any other low carb diet and at the same time do not get hungry?

In short it works by your body is changing its main energy source from carbohydrates to fat. Since the body is not getting enough carbohydrates anymore it is actually forced to switch the energy source to fat.

All carbohydrates that come in to your body and your stomach are normally converted to glucose (sugar). This process occurs for both fast and slow carbohydrates so even the dark rye bread, pasta, couscous: a and crispbread as all converted to glucose when broken down in the stomach.

Low carb diet

Low carb diet

When eating a lot of carbohydrates you increase your blood sugar which also causes your insulin production to increase. The insulin ensures that the blood sugar drops while it also ensures that the fat in the food is stored in the body. The carbohydrates in the food is used for energy, if not all carbohydrates are used to convert the excess to fat which is also stored in the body.

Normally we humans now eat too much carbohydrates. If we get additional energy than the body requires then the body will simple store the additional energy for later. This goes back to when we lived in caves and it was much more difficult to get our food. The human body was designed to ensure that the few times we got food we were also able to store this food within the body. A long time ago this was what made us survive. Today this feature is not really needed since most people today will be able to get enough food and energy every day (and even too much for most people).

This is what then causes that we gain in weight and fat. The body is still working according to a world where we can only get enough food some days, and some days we would not get enough food.

If the diet instead contains very little carbohydrate, the body needs to go back to using the stored body fat. The body switches over from carbohydrate to a fat using operation. In addition after a longer time without any carbohydrates or with very low amount of carbohydrates certain parts of the human body will work much better. An example is the heart which is working better when it gets its energy from fat instead of from carbohydrates.

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Paleo diet compared with LCHF

Here is a short explanation of what is the difference between Paleo and the LCHF diet. Let’s start with looking at the Paleo diet compared with LCHF.

Low-carb diet?

The biggest difference is that Paleo is not a low-carb diet but aims to eat carbohydrates in the form of fruits, vegetables, roots and berries instead of starchy carbohydrates. Those who eat according to strict LCHF are not allowed to eat fruit or root vegetables and not all vegetables.

Dairy Products

Within the Paleo diet you have to remove all dairy products because it is food that we are not really made ​​for and that has been added on to what people ate a long time ago. LCHF includes dairy products and especially the fat dairy products.

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Gluten and Protein

Both the Paleo diet and LCHF exclude gluten from the diet, which often results in stomach gets better and quieter on most people. Both are protein-rich diet attitudes, which is also the nutrient that saturates the best and which also results in that we often eat less when we become full sooner. Whatever you choose, you should look at yourself and which one that suits you the best! Just because your neighbor is doing brilliantly and lost weight with Paleo or the LCHF diet, does not mean that it is right for you.

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