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Ketosis & Alcohol, what are the impacts?

When on a ketogenic diet or other low carb diets there are many people asking if it is possible to combine ketosis and Alcohol. The simple answer is yes, you can stay in ketosis even though you drink alcohol but you need to be careful what kind of alcohol you drink. You can also not drink alcohol on a regular basis since it will impact your weight loss even though it does not take you out of ketosis.

The main reason that alcohol will impact your ketosis is that the body is not able to store the alcohol that you consume. Instead it will start to metabolize the calories in the alcohol first before the body uses any other energy sources. This means that you will not use fat as your main energy source until the alcohol in the body has been used up. Still does not impact ketosis, but your weight loss results.

ketosis alcohol

ketosis alcohol

Also when drinking alcohol on ketosis there are some kinds of alcohol that are better than others. Your first choice should be vodka, whiskey or other types of strong alcohol. They contain no or very little carbohydrates. If you do not like to drink strong alcohol then some dry wine is also quite okay. It contains some more carbohydrates but still okay now and then. Beer and other kinds of alcohol you should stay away from if you want to focus on your diet.

To help you to know how many calories there are in different types of alcohol you can use thisĀ keto alcohol cheat sheet from dietketo.com

Red Wines

Based on 5oz or 1.5dL.
Merlot: 3.7g carbohydrates and 120 calories
Pinot Noir: 3.4g carbohydrates and 121 calories
Cabernet: 3.8g carbohydrates and 120 calories

White Wines

Based on 5oz or 1.5dL.
Chardonnay: 3.7g carbohydrates and 118 calories
Riesling: 5.5g carbohydrates and 118 calories
Sparkling whites: 1.5g carbohydrates and 96 calories


Based on 12oz or 3.5dL.
Miller Lite: 3.1g carbohydrates and 96 calories
Bud select: 3.1g carbohydrates and 99 calories
Coors light: 5.0g carbohydrates and 95 calories
Bud light: 6.6g carbohydrates and 110 calories

Strong alcohol

Based on 2oz or 0.6dL.
Vodka: 0g carbohydrates and 128 calories
Whiskey: 0g carbohydrates and 130 calories
Tequila: 0g carbohydrates and 130 calories

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