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Ketogenic diet and cholesterol levels

To better understand if a ketogenic diet and cholesterol has a real impact on each other I have looked into some of the research studies out there.

There are many studies out there that show that a ketogenic diet is bad for your cholesterol and this is something that people tell you when they find out that you are eating according to a ketogenic diet. There however also are many studies that show that a ketogenic diet might not be bad for your cholesterol. The most common thing that people mention when talking about high cholesterol is that you get it from eating a lot of fat. All that fat you eat must be bad for your heart. What people do not consider is the bad fat that is associated with high cholesterol is fat that people on a ketogenic diet usually do not eat (pizza, fries and other bad food).

ketogenic diet and cholesterol

ketogenic diet and cholesterol

In order to give you some perspective on if a ketogenic diet and cholesterol is something that is really associated. The first two studies were made in 1970s and 1980s and followed a small amount of people who ate according to a ketogenic diet for a short while. All subjects in the two studies got a higher cholesterol level during the studies which lasted for a couple of days. These studies are too short to show any real results since you need to stick with a diet for a longer time to see real results and impacts.

The two longer studies about ketogenic diet and cholesterol show a different study. The people in these two studies followed a ketogenic diet for a much longer time (over a year in one of the studies) and all people showed improved cholesterol levels and also a weight loss.

These are however only a low amount of studies and still more research is needed in this area in order to see the full effects of a ketogenic diet and cholesterol levels. Read the full article about ketogenic diet and cholesterol levels over at dietketo.com

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