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Keto diet for epilepsy and diabetes treatment

The keto diet is a great diet if you simply want to loose weight or improve your health. I have personally lost over 60 pounds in 4 months by using the keto diet and it has also made me feel much better and that I have much more energy during the day. As long as I can remember I have been overweight and not been able to loose weight no matter what method I have tried. But when I tried the keto diet I directly noticed results and have been doing so far over 4 months now.

keto diet food

keto diet food

The keto diet is a diet that in difference with other diets promote you to actually eat a high amount of fat and a very low amount of cabohydrates. The intake of protein should be around 1.5g per 2 pounds that you weigh. By eating according to this diet your body will change from using carbohydrates as the main energy and instead start using the fat in your body. This is done by instead of changing carbohydrates to glucose the body now transformers fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone bodies are then used by your body as it’s energy source which is more efficient than using glucose.

The use of ketone bodies instead of glucose as the energy source will also help e.g. people with diabetes since the blood sugar levels will be greatly decreased and many people with diabetes have noticed a great difference in their general health when switching to a keto diet.

keto diet nuts

keto diet nuts

The origin of the keto diet is something that is debated on the internet and you will find different statements on where the keto diet originally comes from. In my view it all started back in 1920 as a diet was developed to help with the treatment of epilepsy. The diet that was then researched and developed was very similar to what today is called the keto diet. This diet was used for over a century as an efficient treatment of epilepsy, mainly in children and young adults.

Another popular source for where the keto diet got famous was from the Charlie Foundation which was founded by Jim Abrahams. Jim had a son that had epilepsy and with the help of a diet similar to the keto diet the sons problems almost disappeared. In recent time the keto diet is not only used to help with epilepsy but also to help people loose weight and to have a better health.

If you have tried many other diets that have only made you loose the weight for a short time and when you stop you just get back that weight loss directly then I recommend you to try the keto diet instead. It has greatly helped me with my weight loss.

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Questions from our readers about training

Here are some questions and answers related to exercise that we have received lately.

Could I do workout when I have a cold or a soar throat?

You should absolutely not work out if you have a sore throat or a fever! I understand that it can be hard to stay away from training, but you do yourself a disservice if you exercise when you are sick. If you have a severe infection in the body so you are more likely, for example, myocarditis, and you definitely aggravate the infection. You do not need to cease all physical activity, unless you are bedridden course! A leisurely stroll works great. If you a cold maybe you should not embark on a tough cardio session in the running track, but you do not avoid exercise altogether. Lighter weight training is preferable to cardio. Let your common sense decide! Feel of your body and give you time to cure, otherwise the infection may get worse.

What is functional training that people talk so much about?
Functional training involves working out what the individual in question has been useful in their everyday lives and in their lives. This means that the functional training is personalized and therefore looks different for different individuals. However, you can conclude that functional exercise designed to strengthen the body and create stability. The functional exercise is not about is the visual outcome, such as abs.

They say that exercise improves sleep. But I do not sleep well when I work out … why?
There is a clear link between exercise and good sleep, that is, those who exercise regularly sleep better. But I also think it has to do with what kind of exercise you do and at what time. I’m guessing you usually work out in the evenings? Personally, I sleep worse if I’ve trained a really hard cardio and strength workouts after 19.00. When the body is too much “in time” and I find it difficult to unwind. Is it the same for you? Try more morning and lunch workout or quieter workout on just late nights. Also if you are on a diet like the keto diet it could also impact your sleeping.

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low carb diets dangerous for you?

Low carb diets that focus on eating a high amount of fat are often held up as a miracle diet for a healthier life, while plummeting in weight. Normal name for these diets are the keto diet, LCHF and Paleo.

But new research shows that it is pure horror diet. The greatest danger is that it is inflammatory and affects the brain in a negative way. Moreover, people are depressed, tired, sleepy and sluggish thinking. People are lucky that they quickly become narrow, but it has a high price.

Fatigue and depression have previously been more or less known ailments.Reports on cancer has now begun to enter. Everyone who buys books praising low carb diet such as the keto diet and LCHF may not know the dangers and of course it’s very tragic. The big fat consumption affects our hormones in a negative way, while the fat stick in the colon. It can cause breast cancer and colon cancer.

Research also shows that for a long time there is no difference in weight loss if you choose a high fat diet or a low-carbohydrate diet, ie a diet that is low in protein and low in fat.
The advice is to replace the fat with vegetables and fruit. This is what protects us

Doctor and LCHF proponent Annika Dahlqvist disagree about the health dangers.
– They are wrong, wrong, wrong. It is absolutely terrible to scare people in this way. Fat is not at all dangerous and eating according to a low carb diet has many health benefits, and I am just tired when I hear this, she says.

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Nuts and seeds, part of keto diet

Nuts and seeds are included in low carb diets such as the keto diet in moderate amounts. People who are accustomed to snacking all the time may easily get too many nuts, which for many has become the new healthy treats. Sure, nuts and seeds can be good keto food. The problem with nuts is that they contain a lot of carbohydrates along with fat.

The carbohydrates stimulates insulin production and insulin production stimulates fat synthesis and inhibit fat loss. The combination is not good. Therefore, eat nuts with the lowest content of carbohydrates. Brazil nuts have a low carbohydrate value (3.1 per 100), Walnut (3.3 per 100), cashews (18.1 per 100).


Seeds you can also eat too much of. Seeds are recommended for low carb-bread, but I do not think it is so good to eat it daily for all meals. A seed based meal with low carb-bread can be a great way to vary the food. It is almost impossible to calculate how many carbohydrates you ingest by eating seeds. That is because many of the whole seeds pass the gut without being taken up as a nutrient.

Chewing the seeds thoroughly or grind them before use will probably mostly be addressed. Whole flax seeds have a laxative effect but no nutrients are absorbed in the intestine. Some seeds have high carbohydrate values, but flaxseed contains none at all (0g/100), sesame seeds (9 g per 100), sunflower seeds (14 per 100).

Normal diets contain a lot of carbohydrates and little fat. That means we have to eat big portions to get enough energy and be satisfied. If instead we eat low carb diet such as LCHF or keto diet and plenty of fat we will after a few days reduce the portions because we grow faster feed. The vast majority of regulating portion sizes perfect fully automatic because we know the saturation faster.

However, if you eat too little food, the body into starts thinking it is food shortage and conserve fat reserves. Muscle mass is broken down as it is an energy-demanding tissue to hold in times of crisis. Therefore, it is important that when we start with the low carb diets to not eat too little. If we eat too little we do not get all the health benefits with the keto diet.
Today we know that after some time we will not have any problem with eating a little less, because then we also have good burning of body fat into energy, (if we avoid carbohydrates).

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Keto Burgers, how to make and cook them

Today we will talk about one of the favorite foods when starting out with Keto. It is also one of the food types that is easiest to get when out on most resturants. The Keto Burger, a burger that is high on fat and protein and low on carbohydrates. Enjoy these tips and ideas on how to make your keto burger and also the different pictures of keto burgers that people have made.

Keto burger avocado

Keto burger with avocado

How to shape your keto hamburger

One of the misstakes many people do when shaping their burger is to make it too thick. You should try to make the burger a little wider than normally and also make a small dimple in the center. You can use your thumb to press down the middle a little. The reason to make a small dimple in the middle of the burger is because it will rise more in the middle than in the sides.

Store bought grounded beef for keto burger?

You can either buy your ground beef in the store or you can make your own. If you have the time and tools for it make your own. It will always taste better and is more fresh. There is also a smaller chance to have bacteria in your meat.

Preparing the beef patty for your keto burger

Always keep your burger meat cold when preparing it. All through the process when creating your keto burger you should keep the ground beef at a low temperature. Use a scale to weight your meat before you form your keto burger to make sure that all keto burgers get the same size.

double keto burger

double keto burger

Do not overwork it when you are forming the burger. The more time you spend pressing the meat together the more you will also make the meat less juicy and tasty. Just gently press the meat together into small patties. Do not overwork it. There is no need to add other things to your meat when forming the patties, like egg, onion or herbs. If you do, then do it very carefully so you do not overwork the meat and loose that juice and tasty feeling of your keto burger.

Spices for your keto hamburger

Do not add salt into your meat before you have created the burger patties. Salt will make the muscle proteins in the meat to dissolve. This will totally change both the taste and look of your keto burger.

keto burger on sallad

keto burger on sallad

Use spices and make sure you always put enough spices on your burger before cooking it. You do not want to add on spices after it has been cooked. Salt and pepper is a must. You can of course also blend in other spices into your keto burger. I prefer to use chili powder and garlic to put a more strong taste in my burgers. Just select the spices you enjoy and try to experiment around a little to get the perfect taste for your keto burger.

Cooking of the keto burger

As you probably have heard many times, when cooking meat your should only flip it once while the burger is cooking. This rule does not apply to burgers. If you instead flip your burger several times when cooking you will have a faster and more even internal cooking of the burger. This will reduce the total time you spend on cooking your keto burger. It will also make the outside of the burger less burned.


What to put on your keto burger

What ingredients you should put on your keto burger once it is finished is totally up to you. Experiment with what you think tastes good. In general almost everything can go together with the keto burger. I personally like to put on things like fried egg, different kinds of cheese, bacon, jalapenos and other spicy stuff.

Simple keto burger

Simple keto burger

Nutritional values

When cooking your burger with different ingredients you can use this as guideline for how the fat, carbohyrate, protein ratio is. As you can see from below table the most common ingredients are very low on carbohydrates. As long as you do not add any bread to your burger you can add as much as you want of the below ingredients and enjoy a keto burger.

Ingredient Fat Protein Carbohydrates
100g grounded beef 15g 18g 0g
1 Tomato 0g 1g 4g
100g Lettuce 0g 1g 2g
50g Cheese 16g 13g 1g
50g Cucumber 0g 0g 1g
100g Bacon 33g 13g 0g
100g Avocado 15g 2g 4g
1 Egg 6g 7g 0g

Inspirational keto burgers

In order to give you some ideas on how to make your keto burger and what different additional ingredients you should use I have put together a compilation of different keto friendly burgers. Now it is time for you to make your own keto burger. If you have tips on ingredients, how to make a keto burger or just a picture of your keto burger then please post it into the comments field and I will try to add it into the articles.

Keto burger with onion, cheese, mushrooms and bell peppers

keto burger with onion

keto burger with onion

Keto burger with two beef patties, sallad, bacon, cheese, cucumber and egg.

burger keto

burger keto

Keto burger with bacon, tomate, onion and cheese

keto burger with bacon

keto burger with bacon

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