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Ketogenic diet foods recommendation

When on a ketogenic diet you need to know which are the best ketogenic diet foods that you should eat. There are many different lists out on the internet that lists different kind of foods that are good on a ketogenic diet but sometimes it can be hard to know the best ones. This list contains the different keto diet foods that I recommend you to base your diet on.

High protein ketogenic diet foods

Beef of any kind
Fish or seafood of any kind
Bacon and sausage (make sure you avoid those with added sugar)
Free range poultry, like chicken, turkey, duck and goose
Shellfish like clams, crab, lobster, scallops, shrimp

Ketogenic diet foods – Vegetables

ketogenic diet foods

ketogenic diet foods

Alfalfa Sprouts
Bamboo Shoots
Bean Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts
Collard Greens
Dandelion Greens
Lettuces and salad greens
Snow Peas

Ketogenic diet foods – Dairy products

ketogenic diet foods list

ketogenic diet foods list

Whipping cream
Sour cream

Ketogenic diet foods – Beverages


Ketogenic diet foods – Fat

Olive Oil
Coconut oil

These are the best ketogenic diet foods that I would recommend you to add to your shopping list. If you are looking for more information I recommend you to continue reading about different keto foods or about how to create a ketogenic diet plan.

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Keto diet foods for a better health

This article will give some examples of keto diet foods that you can eat on a keto diet. It will give you some basic tips and ideas on what to think about when choosing the food you eat on your keto diet. To start it of we need to explain what is considered to be good keto diet foods. The basics is that the food should be rich in fat, contain a moderate amount of protein and be very low on carbohydrates. The basic rule is to try to have below 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, but even lower is even better.

keto diet foods

keto diet foods

There are many different types of food that are good keto diet foods and some of the basic ones are seafood and meat from different animals. This type of food is generally quite high on protein and very low on carbohydrates and when combined with other keto diet foods it is a good daily choice. You should also eat plenty of vegetables that grow under the ground and mushrooms are also good for you. Other good keto diet foods to eat are nuts, but here you need to be careful since some types of nuts can contain quite much carbohydrates.

One thing that you should always have at home are eggs. They contain a good amount of fat and also protein. Eggs also have no carbohydrates so you can eat eggs on a daily basis. Eggs are also very rich on Vitamin C and you can vary eggs quite much. Try out boiling them, fry them or just eat them as they are. Boiled eggs are also perfect for storing in the frige and keep as a snack when you feel hungry.

There are many other types of keto diet foods that are good to eat during a keto diet. If you want more information head over to Diet Keto to find out more about the good keto food that you should eat in order to loose weight and feel better in your daily life.

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