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Keto diet and cancer – can keto help cancer treatment?

In today there are many people who seek for alternative cancer treatments. There are also many people who talk about keto diet and cancer treatment and how a special diet can help with reducing or preventing cancer. Using a special diet like the keto diet is an inexpensive and easy way to help with cancer treatment. There are also virtually no side effects and keto diet can also be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments.

keto diet and cancer treatment

keto diet and cancer treatment

Keto diet and cancer, a story from a doctor

Let’s start this story about keto diet and cancer treatment with Dr. Fred Hatfield who is an author of many books but has also had cancer.

The doctors gave me three months to live because of widespread metastatic cancer in my skeletal structure. Three months, three different doctors told me that same thing.

Dr. Fred Hatfield’s wife Gloria also commented on his cancer in this way.

It’s a horrible, horrible feeling to have someone tell you that the person you love only has three months to live and you’re not going to be with him any more.

Dr. Fred Hatfield however turned his situation around when he heard about an anti-cancer diet which he tried out and was shocked that it actually worked.

The cancer was gone! Completely. To this day there’s no trace of it. And it’s been over a year.

The anti-cancer diet that Dr. Fred Hatfield tried out was very similar to a keto diet and when he stopped eating carbohydrates the cancer cells in his body got starved and did not receive the glucose they need. When the cancer cells do not get enough glucose they instead stop reproducing.

keto diet cancer risks

keto diet cancer risks

It just absolutely amazes me that medical science is just now finding this out.

Similar findings have been found in research from Dr. Dominic D’Agostino who has proven that by removing carbohydrates from the diets of lab mice they were actually able to survive cancer. It was also proven that mice that were treated with chemotherapy did not do as good as the mice who ate according to a keto diet.

We have dramatically increased survival with metabolic therapy. So we think it’s important to get this information out.

Since these tests have been done on mice many people have doubted that the same results would be possible in humans but Dr. Dominic D’Agostino claims he has also seen similar results in people.

I’ve been in correspondence with a number of people. At least a dozen over the last year-and-a-half to two years, and all of them are still alive, despite the odds. So this is very encouraging.

Therefor it seems like keto diet and cancer treatment has a strong correlation and that people who want to help improve their cancer treatment should try out a keto diet or another low carb diet to further enhance their treatment.

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