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Study shows eating more fish makes you smarter

A study in Sweden shows that children who are regularly eating more fish are 5-12% more intelligent than those who do not. Guys that are 15 years old  that eat fish once a week was three years later six percent smarter than their peers who did not eat fish once per week. For the guys who had fish twice as often were around twelve percent smarter than their peers according to a survey of nearly 4,000 teenage boys.

The boys had the age of 15 participated in a survey of eating habits. The results were then compared with the intelligence tests conducted at enrollment into the military in the age of 18.
– No matter how we twist and turn in the results as they stand here ready linkages firm, says Professor Kjell Torén at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

omega 3 fishoil

omega 3 fishoil

The results and intelligence improvements also seems true even taking into account socio-economic factors, housing standards, parental education, adolescent health, exercise habits and weight.

That fish in the diet promotes the positive development of the nervous system in both children and adults is well known from several other studies. Even the early development of chilren in their mothers belly they can be affected if the mother eats higher amounts of fish. But this is the first study that investigated the effect on teenagers.

The reason may theoretically as well be that intelligent people are eating more fish, not that the fish made them more intelligent. But the study is interesting and there is a reasonable biological explanation. Fish is rich in omega 3 fat, which is known to be lacking in modern Western diet.

This study further proves that adding additional Omega 3 to your diet is benefitial and would give you additional health benefits. You could also get these benefits by eating additional fish, but that would require very high amounts of fish.

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