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Keto food you could eat

When on a keto diet sometimes you need some inspiration on what types of food you could eat. If you do not think the food you eat is interesting or tastes good it is extremely hard to stick with a diet. Therefor I regularly go through different blogs that have keto recipes and try to save down the best ones to use as inspiration for me when I feel I need some new kind of food to eat.

One of things I have always enjoyed eating is beef and different kinds of sauces. Before I found the keto diet I usually had my beed and sauce together with potatoes in different variations. Now however I just eat my beef with the sauce and skip the potatoes. Eating my favorite food even though I am on a special diet has really helped me to stick with it.

keto subway salad

keto subway salad

Some of the other things that I really enjoy when on a keto diet is the chance to eat some really nice keto salads. Salads are so great now in the summer when it is hot out and they are also very easy to make. That the food is easy to make and only takes a few minutes to put together is also really important to me since I usually work 10 hours per day and do not have time to spend 1-2 hours to prepare a meal. Together with the keto salads I eat I usually also include a nice keto salad dressing to make it taste even better and to also bring up the fat percentage a little.

For a snack I usually like to enjoy a keto fat bomb or a keto fat bomb smoothie. The fat bombs are good since you can prepare a large batch and keep them in the freezer. Then you just take them out when you need a snack or a fat boost.

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