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Keto diet makes you more tired?

There is a new study in USA regarding keto diet and how it can make you more tired during the day. The researchers found that a high fat consumption was related to increased fatigue during the day, while a high intake of carbohydrates was associated with increased alertness. There was no correlation between protein consumption and fatigue or alertness found in the study.

The results were independent of the subjects’ gender, age and BMI (body mass index) and their total amount of sleep and calorie intake.
– Increased fat intake has a direct negative impact on alertness in otherwise healthy, normal-weight adults, says Alexandros Vgontzas, professor of psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine.

The experimental group consisted of 31 healthy and obese subjects with normal sleep habits in the age range 18-65 who had to spend four consecutive nights in a sleep laboratory. It examined where the impact of diet on fatigue.
– It seems that a high-fat diet has a direct negative effect on alertness, but also on the person’s ability to function well as public safety, says Vgontzas to Science Daily.

From here on ketofaq.com we think this study is really bad. It is quite known that when starting out with a high fat keto diet you get tired the first and second week. A study where people use the diet a longer time would give a much better result and probably prove that there is no impact on how tired you are.

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