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Low carb diet and caffeine, does it impact ketosis?

Low carb diet and caffeine, is there any danger to kick you out of ketosis? This is a question that many people have been asking lately so I decided to look into this subject a little deeper to find out if there is any relation between a low carb diet and caffeine.

To start it off some background for me and how much caffeine I consume on a daily basis. I have been a coffee drinker for many years and drink 5-6 cups of coffee every day. This is a quite high amount of coffee if comparing with most people and I have also been consuming the same amount of coffee during my 5 months of being on a low carb diet. Personally I have not seen any negative effects of a low carb diet and caffeine consumption but in order to be more sure if there is a relationship between the two I have also looked into research done in this area.

low carb diet and caffeine

low carb diet and caffeine

If we start out with what people on the Internet are saying there is both people who claim they are seeing negative effects of drinking coffee or tea while on a low carb diet but there is also people who claim they do not see any impact at all. It is hard to track how many on each side but it seems most people do not see any impact. There seems to be some people who suggest that caffeine could impact or even interrupt the glucose metabolism, which in turn could possibly affect ketosis. However even in this case it is hard to find any true evidence.

Another point that is being made is that when in ketosis you decrease the insulin resistance by improving the insulin sensitivity. This means the ability for cells to absorb glucose. Since there is some indications that caffeine might increase the insulin resistance this could have any impact but I have not found any proof of this in research.

There however was one study at Duke University Medical Center that looked at how caffeine impacted the glucose levels and insulin resistance. The study showed that people who take 250mg of caffeine did not see any impact on their glucose levels. However there was a noticed impact on the glucose levels if they at the same time took 75 grams of carbohydrates together with the caffeine. This shows that glucose levels are impacted by a high amount of carbohydrates but there does not seem to be any relation between a low carb diet and caffeine impacting the glucose levels.

The same thing has also been mentioned by Lyle McDonald in his book “The Ketogenic Diet: A complete guide for the dieter and practitioner”. Lyle McDonald even goes so far to state that there is no chance that caffeine can interfere with ketosis.

In the end there is very few studies focusing on a low carb diet and caffeine. When I have been looking into this subject I have not been able to find a single study that is focusing on low carb diets and caffeine and the relation between the two so it is hard to draw a final conclusion on the actual impact. As long as I myself do not see any impact with my heavy coffee drinking I do not think there is any impact on ketosis due to a high intake of caffeine.

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