Red meat could be dangerous for you

One serving, or 85 grams of meat from cattle, pigs or sheep a day leads to the risk of dying from cancer or heart disease increases by 13 percent, according to the study from Harvard who is the most comprehensive undertaken. The worst is the intake of processed meat.

Two slices of bacon or one hot dog a day leads to increased risk by 20 percent. There is no need to drag in any emergency, but the study confirms that there is reason to rethink their intake of red meat. To avoid eating processed meats completely is pretty drastic. However, there is reason to eat limited amounts. More and more restaurants and popular low carb diets such as the keto diet and lchf focus on meat. And we eat more and more of the good.

The meat consumption increased from 58.9 kilograms per person per year at the turn of last year’s 64.2 kilograms, according to figures from the Agriculture Department.

Too much red meat and not enough vegetables. It was not that the diet was conceived. One can reduce the red meat and by eating poultry, fish, vegetables and dairy products. It is possible to eat balanced without the red meat.

beef cut into pieces

beef cut into pieces

NFA is now considering introducing advice on how much meat we should have in us. We are waiting for results from our studies we’ve just done, to see if meat eating increases. It is likely that the intake has increased, and then we might have reason to introduce council. Why the red meat is dangerous, however, is still unclear. Among others mentioned the saturated fat, iron content and occurrences of nitrites in many meat products.

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2 thoughts on “Red meat could be dangerous for you

  1. Rich

    I think ANY study that is not a low carb study as well, is irrelevant regarding those pursuing a ketogenic diet. The culprit is, and always will be: Insulin. WE have to manage THAT. And that is the purpose of the ketogenic diet.


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