Questions from our readers about training

Here are some questions and answers related to exercise that we have received lately.

Could I do workout when I have a cold or a soar throat?

You should absolutely not work out if you have a sore throat or a fever! I understand that it can be hard to stay away from training, but you do yourself a disservice if you exercise when you are sick. If you have a severe infection in the body so you are more likely, for example, myocarditis, and you definitely aggravate the infection. You do not need to cease all physical activity, unless you are bedridden course! A leisurely stroll works great. If you a cold maybe you should not embark on a tough cardio session in the running track, but you do not avoid exercise altogether. Lighter weight training is preferable to cardio. Let your common sense decide! Feel of your body and give you time to cure, otherwise the infection may get worse.

What is functional training that people talk so much about?
Functional training involves working out what the individual in question has been useful in their everyday lives and in their lives. This means that the functional training is personalized and therefore looks different for different individuals. However, you can conclude that functional exercise designed to strengthen the body and create stability. The functional exercise is not about is the visual outcome, such as abs.

They say that exercise improves sleep. But I do not sleep well when I work out … why?
There is a clear link between exercise and good sleep, that is, those who exercise regularly sleep better. But I also think it has to do with what kind of exercise you do and at what time. I’m guessing you usually work out in the evenings? Personally, I sleep worse if I’ve trained a really hard cardio and strength workouts after 19.00. When the body is too much “in time” and I find it difficult to unwind. Is it the same for you? Try more morning and lunch workout or quieter workout on just late nights. Also if you are on a diet like the keto diet it could also impact your sleeping.

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