Low carb keto diet, how to start

Have you decided to try a low carb keto diet? It is easy to test, you can get started quickly and it does not require you to buy some powder, pills or other artificial aids.

The only thing you need is to make sure you have proper meals at home and that you are prepared for what will happen. The most important tip is to not be too hasty. Decide to run at least three months before evaluating the results. Sometimes things happen quickly, especially if you want to lose weight. Sometimes it takes longer time and it is a shame to lose the motivation after only one or two weeks.

When you start your low carb keto diet

There are some things that are good to do before you start with your low carb keto diet. Think about why you want to start with carb. Is it because you want to lose weight? Is it to feel better and improve your health? It controls how strict you are and how much carbohydrate you can eat to achieve your goals.

If you want to lose weight, it may be a good idea to weigh yourself and measure yourself with a measuring tape (eg, waist size, hip size, etc..) It is not always that the scales show results but the tape measure does.

Low Carb Keto Diet

Low Carb Keto Diet

Decide on how strict you want to be with carbohydrates – if you want to lose weight, you probably need to be more restrictive with carbs than if you simply want to achieve health gains through carb.

Plan the timing of the start well – it is unnecessary to start a diet the week you’re invited to the big party. The risk is high that you will stop before you started. Prepare yourself by planning what to eat the first time. Read on about the conversion problems that often occur in the beginning so that you are prepared for what to expect.

You might want to consider adding on some additional vitamin suppliment. Sometimes when eating according to a low carb keto diet you might get low on D vitamin and some other vitamins and then it is good to add on these with a vitamin suppliment.

Clean out the fridge and pantry and make sure to have good food at home. When you eat according to a low carb keto diet there are some things that are good to have at home in the fridge and pantry. Other things you should preferably clean out the cupboards and give to those who are still eating starchy foods.

Good to have at home

* Full Fat dairy products 40% cream, sour cream, whole milk
* Meat of all kinds such as beef, pork, chicken
* Genuine butter and Bregott
* Seafood
* bacon
* eggs
* Vegetables that grow above ground such as lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower
* Avocado
* nuts
* Coconut oil and canola oil
* Mayonnaise and other fatty sauces with low carbohydrates
* Frozen vegetables and vegetable mixes
* olives

Clear out the following things from your home

* all light products
* all margarine
* all that is sweetened with sweeteners
* all grain products – pasta, rice, cereals, porridge
* all the bread and crackers
* all intermediate goods such as soups and sauces in the bag
* Sweets and cakes

By following these advices above you are on a good start with your low carb keto diet.

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