Ketostix to know if you are in ketosis or not

In order to find out if you are in ketosis or not it is useful to buy ketostix to measure the ketone levels in your urine. Ketostix are known under many different names such as Urine Test Strips, Reagent Strips, Ketone Testing Strips and Lipolysis Test Strips but the original name is Ketostix. In this article we will go through what Ketostix are and how to use them and I will also give some suggestions on the best places to buy Ketostix.

How Ketostix works

In order to understand how Ketostix works we first need to take a look at what Ketones are. Ketones are incompletely burned carbon fragments and the fact that they are not as useful as fuel for the body is also what makes them more efficient. When on a keto diet or other low carb diets you eat less carbohydrates and the body needs to start using fat instead as its main energy source. When this happens the fat cells start to release ketoacids into the blood. The organs will then use these ketoacids as fuel and the leftover from this process are ketones. The way the body gets rid of the ketones is through the urine and that is why you can measure the ketone level through your urine with the help of ketostix.

ketostix chart

ketostix chart

As you probably already know using a ketostix is not in any way mandatory when on a low carb diet but it can be a way for you to know if you are in the state of ketosis or not. If you are in ketosis the body is buring fat in the most efficient so it is useful to know this. For people who are just starting out with a low carb diet I highly recommend to use ketostix to understand how the food you eat affects your ketone levels.

Where to buy ketostix

The ketostix provide a simple and efficient way to understand this and help you optimize your low carb diet. All you need to do is simply dip the ketostix into a urine specimen and remove it directly. You could also just put the ketostix in your urine stream. Then all you need to do is check the color chart within 10-15 seconds to see your ketone levels. There are many different brands of urine test strips to choose from but the original one is Ketostix that is made by Bayer. This is also the most common one and the on I recommend. You can find it in most pharmacies but then the price usually is around $20 to $25 for 50 sticks. To save some money I instead recommend you to purchase them online. The best price I have found for them is at Amazon where you can get 50 Ketostix for as low as $15. You could also go for the 100 Ketostix package and that one is priced at $21 at Amazon.

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