Ketogenic diet dessert recipes

When on a ketogenic diet sometimes you want to have something to treat yourself for the good work you have done. The perfect thing could be a ketogenic fat bomb, a ketogenic fat bomb smoothie or just ketogenic diet desserts.

Over at there is a nice collection of the best ketogenic desserts that are out there on the Internet and they are all rather easy to make. Among the recipes some of the most popular ones are the ketogenic diet dessert recipe zebra cake that looks just wonderful and it also tastes very good.

ketogenic diet dessert

ketogenic diet dessert

Another of the favorites among our readers is the Brownie cheesecake which is a wonderful combination of brownies and cheesecake. Also to make it even more better the whole recipe is for people who are on a ketogenic diet so you do not need to worry about the carbohydrates in this cake. It is also recommended to split up the recipe and only make the brownie or only make the cheesecake, both tastes wonderful either combined together or separated. Each serving of this recipe contains only 6 grams of carbohydrates so you can enjoy one every day if you do not eat so much carbohydrates in the other food you eat.

For the full ketogenic diet dessert recipe and the other wonderful ketogenic desserts check out the full collection over at

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