Keto salad recipes for a hot summer

When on a keto diet one of the nice things you can have on a hot summer day is a nice keto salad that also is also keto friendly. In the 5 months I have now been on the keto diet I eat salads quite frequently and I enjoy a salad much more now on keto than I did before when I was eating regular food. The salads now always contain the nice stuff like cheese, olive oil, different kinds of meat and other nice ingredients.

keto salad recipes

keto salad recipes

In order to get some inspiration I now and then browse the Internet for different keto salad recipes and also for salads that are not really keto friendly from the beginning. Then I take those salad recipes and remove the things that are not really keto friendly and add some keto friendly ingredients instead and directly you have a good keto salad.

Some of the best keto salad recipes that I have found so far on the Internet I have collected over at where you can find all those keto salad recipes. I will try to collect more different types of salads that are good for keto and update the post as soon as I find new great keto recipes. If you have some good recipes for a keto salad that you want to share then please post a comment here below or in the blog post over at

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