Keto friendly alternatives to potato, rice, pasta

If your previous diet consisted of pasta, potatoes and rice then it can be hard to make a major change and remove all these food groups. It might seem like you will not get full on your keto diet and that you need to add on something to your dishes. There however are many keto friendly alternatives and here we present some keto alternatives to pasta, potatoes and rice to make it easier to transition towards a low carb diet.

Keto friendly alternatives to pasta

Instead of pasta, such as spaghetti or tagliatelle you can choose vegetables like zucchini or squash. Take your zucchini or squash and use the cheese slicer to slice it into thin strips. Then you can boil them in a similar way you boiled your pasta. It will then be a low carb alternative to pasta.
If you want to replace the larger pasta such as penne, you can instead cut the zucchini into pieces. Boil in salted water, the strips are cooked for about ten seconds, the larger pieces are cooked to al dente in around one minute.

Keto friendly alternatives to rice and couscous

Instead of eating rice and couscous you can have fresh cauliflower as a great alternative to rice, couscous, bulgur and the like. Cauliflower rice can easily make by tearing cauliflower (both bouquet and trunk) with a coarse grater. Then boil up the cauliflower in some lightly salted water and add the cauliflower to cook about ten seconds. Drain to get rid of some of the water and serve with a piece of butter on top.

Keto friendly alternatives

Keto friendly alternatives

Keto friendly alternatives to potato

Potato gratin can easily be replaced with with a radish gratin. The radish gratin will both look and tastes like a regular potato gratin. Instead of mashed potatoes, you can make mashed cauliflower in the same way you make the mashed potatoes. Tastes good and is a perfect keto friendly alternative to your mashed potatoes. We recommend you enjoy it with a click of butter on top.

Instead of baked potato and potato wedges you can replace it in an easy way with baked vegetables and root vegetables such as zucchini, peppers, carrots, parsley and parsnips. Try around with different vegetables and see which you think tastes the best. If you want something instead of a cold potato salad you can also make it in a similar way with the carb friendly vegetables alternatives.

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