Keto diet, how to get enough fat in your meals

Fat is the main component of a low carb keto diet. The energy that you previously gained from the carbohydrates you should replace with energy from fat. You should not be afraid to eat fat. It should ideally also be natural animal fats such as butter or fat that is found naturally in meat and fish. You can also read our article about other dairy products you can eat on a keto diet to get more information.

As a complement to coconut oil, canola oil and olive oil can be used. They should then ideally be organic. Furthermore, the daily intake of fat should be sufficiently high relative to the amount of protein and carbohydrates. Many have early difficulty eating enough fat – it feels strange to go from a traditional low-fat diet to eating a lot of fat.

butter curls

butter curls

Some simple ways to bring the fat in cooking is to always choose the full fat products – whole milk, 40% whipping cream, fat creme fraiche instead of light products or using products such as cream when cooking your other food.

Do not cut off the visible fat on the meat and use the frying fat, such as by making a good sauce to the pan.

Many people also choose to add a teaspoon of coconut oil to coffee or tea , this is sometimes known as carb coffee or carb tea. This is a good way to eat more fat.

Select the following:
* Butter – it should be real butter and certainly not margarine. There are various suppliers of butter and they have different taste, try things out which you think is best. One can also make their own butter
* Coconut / coconut oil – preferably organic. Coconut fat in the silver package you find in the grocery store, do not then it’s hard litigated.
* Rapeseed oil
* Olive oil

Never select the following:
* Margarine of all kinds. Anything not named butter is margarine.

* That liquid butter and canola oil does not contain any significant amount of butter, but for the most part consists of canola oil
* That all cream with fat content of less than 40% usually contain additives, even the whipped cream with 36% fat content.

Always remember to read the labels on the food you buy and ensure you get enough fat in your daily meals.

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