Keto diet for epilepsy and diabetes treatment

The keto diet is a great diet if you simply want to loose weight or improve your health. I have personally lost over 60 pounds in 4 months by using the keto diet and it has also made me feel much better and that I have much more energy during the day. As long as I can remember I have been overweight and not been able to loose weight no matter what method I have tried. But when I tried the keto diet I directly noticed results and have been doing so far over 4 months now.

keto diet food

keto diet food

TheĀ keto diet is a diet that in difference with other diets promote you to actually eat a high amount of fat and a very low amount of cabohydrates. The intake of protein should be around 1.5g per 2 pounds that you weigh. By eating according to this diet your body will change from using carbohydrates as the main energy and instead start using the fat in your body. This is done by instead of changing carbohydrates to glucose the body now transformers fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone bodies are then used by your body as it’s energy source which is more efficient than using glucose.

The use of ketone bodies instead of glucose as the energy source will also help e.g. people with diabetes since the blood sugar levels will be greatly decreased and many people with diabetes have noticed a great difference in their general health when switching to a keto diet.

keto diet nuts

keto diet nuts

The origin of the keto diet is something that is debated on the internet and you will find different statements on where the keto diet originally comes from. In my view it all started back in 1920 as a diet was developed to help with the treatment of epilepsy. The diet that was then researched and developed was very similar to what today is called the keto diet. This diet was used for over a century as an efficient treatment of epilepsy, mainly in children and young adults.

Another popular source for where the keto diet got famous was from the Charlie Foundation which was founded by Jim Abrahams. Jim had a son that had epilepsy and with the help of a diet similar to the keto diet the sons problems almost disappeared. In recent time the keto diet is not only used to help with epilepsy but also to help people loose weight and to have a better health.

If you have tried many other diets that have only made you loose the weight for a short time and when you stop you just get back that weight loss directly then I recommend you to try the keto diet instead. It has greatly helped me with my weight loss.

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