Keto and Paleo food, todays lunch and dinner

Todays food was divided up into 3 different meals. I try to have 2 or 3 meals every day. However it is mainly depending if I am hungry or not. In general i have small meals in the morning since I am usually not hungry when waking up. The days when I go to work I usually only have one egg and 2 cups of normal black coffee as breakfast. Then a little bigger meal during lunch and end the day with another big meal. Since I am using a diet that is based on the LCHF diet, Keto and Paleo combination I try to have a low amount of carbs and high amount of fat in my meals.


For today since I was not working I started the day off with 2 boiled eggs and 1 big cup of black coffee. Due to not so much food at home me and the wife decided to take a walk to the supermarket and do some shopping before lunch. Ended up with a large amount of meat and some other things.


Lunch consisted of the following ingredients:

  • 350g of beef
  • Garlic, according to how much you like garlic
  • Butter, ~50g for the garlic butter
  • Oliveoil ~10g for cooking the beef
  • Cucumber, one small cucumber or other vegetables
  • Mixed spices, I prefer spicy food, but do according to how you like it
beef with garlic butter

beef with garlic butter

Started off by cutting the meat into smaller pieces. I do this due to that I feel it is easier this way to get the meat the way i want it. I do not want it too red or too well done. Medium is just perfect for me. By cutting to small pieces i can just cook it untill it has a nice color on the sides, and then i know it is done. I always cook the meat in both olive oil and butter. I feel it has the best taste when I do like this.

beef cut into pieces

beef cut into pieces

Instead of a sauce I today made some garlic butter that I mixed together with 50g butter, half a garlic and then added on salt, pepper and some chili powder. Mix it all together untill it is evenly distributed and then it is ready to be server with the meat.

garlic butter with spices

garlic butter with spices

Together with the meat and the garlic butter I also added on some cucumber to have something green on the plate and to also be used as a way to get all that garlic butter up from the plate.

Totally this dinner ended up on these nutrition values:

  • Protein 48 gram / 194 calories
  • Fat 75 gram / 663 calories
  • Carbs 4 gram / 16 calories

In total this meal had 22% protein, 76% and only 2% carbs which is quite a good combination according to me.


Since my wife does not want to be doing the same kind of diet I am going we sometimes need to make food that is more of a compromise. As an example today we cooked a two-part dinner where I only eat one part and she eats both parts.

Dinner consisted of the following ingredients:

  • 350g minced pork
  • 1 can of smashed tomates (make sure no sugar added)
  • 1 half Garlic
  • Cheese (the fat type)
  • Oliveoil
  • Butter

This dinner was a normal spagetti with meatsauce where for my part I just did not have any of the spagetti. Normally I also add onion into the sauce, but forgot to buy some today so I just skipped it. The sauce is cooked by first frying the garlic in the oliveoil and butter. 10-20 seconds is enough if you have high heat on. Then you just add the minced pork and fry it all together. Make sure all the minded pork is completely done and then add on the can of smashed tomates.

meat sauce with cheese

meat sauce with cheese

If needed add on some water and let it boil for around 20 minuites. During the cooking make sure you add the spices according to your taste. After the 20 minuites I just spread some cheese on top of it. Ready to eat directly as it is and if your partner want so enjoy it with some spagetti that works just fine.

Totally this dinner ended up on these nutrition values:
Protein 58 gram / 236 calories
Fat 88 gram / 781 calories
Carbs 9 gram / 37 calories

In total this meal had 22% protein, 74% and only 4% carbs which is quite similar to todays lunch.  For my LCHF, Keto and Paleo diet I think this is a good combination during a day.

Hope you got some good ideas from these two meals. If any questions or comments please leave them in the comments below. I will try to answer as much as possible.

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