Fruit is sugar, avoid in low carb diet

Fruit is good but also for the most part contains large quantities of carbohydrates in the form of sugar (fructose, sucrose and glucose). Different fruits contain different amounts of sugar of course and as usual you have to think about how much you intend to eat.

A small amount occasionally plays very little role in the long run. Many low carb desserts contains fruit in some form and that is of course something you can eat on festive occasions. But did you know that five fruits a day provides about 50 grams of pure sugar?

Some examples of how much sugar is in different fruits:
* Apple 8%
* Orange 9%
* Banana 18%
* Pineapple 11%
* Kiwi 7%
* Grapes 15%
* Strawberries 8%

Whoever eats carbohydrates should limit themselves to no more than one fruit a day. If you eat strictly low carb keto diet to lose weight you should completely abstain from fruit.

There are berries that do not contain such high levels of carbohydrates. Raspberries are one such example, they contain about 4% carbohydrates. Strawberries are a common trap when trying to lose weight, 100 grams contains about 8 grams of carbohydrates and it is easy to quickly eat up an entire day’s ration of carbohydrates during strawberry season.

Many worry that you are not getting enough vitamins and other nutrients when you do not eat fruit. If you eat meat, eggs and vegetables need not worry.

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