Food to eat when on low carb keto diet

When you are eat according to a low carb keto diet, you need to minimize the amount of food containing carbohydrates. Protein you should you eat more or less normally. The energy from the carbohydrates you take away should be replaced with energy from natural saturated fat. The body’s energy will therefore mainly from fat and protein instead of carbohydrates.

The easiest way is to eating as usual but avoid all bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. You should also not eat cereals and grains. Add vegetables, especially those that grow above ground. It is important not to be hungry, add additional fat, such as a fatty sauce or accessory with high fat content. Eating according to a low carb keto diet will greatly give you health benefits.

Keto friendly alternatives

Keto friendly alternatives

Choose only full fat products – never choose diet products or products that are sweetened. Read the ingredients on every food you buy and choose products with as low carbohydrate as possible. Also try only to select products with as little additives as possible.

Seafood is a good source of protein when you eat according to a low carb keto diet. They contain very little fat so you have to make sure to supplement with a good oily sauce or mayonnaise so that the fat is sufficient. Seafood also contains many vitamins and minerals, including selenium.

Meat from poultry such as chicken, turkey and duck is a good choice when you eat low carb keto diet. It is a good source of protein but be aware that 100 grams of chicken is not the same as 100 grams of protein. Chicken contains about 20% protein. Keep in mind that the meat is very lean so you need to supplement with any accessories with high fat content. It might be a good sauce or broccolimos. If you eat grilled chicken so you can happily eat the skin too.

Mushrooms are a good source of minerals and often contain little carbohydrate (usually between 0.3 and 3%). Fungi containing 90% of water. They contain about 2% protein, vitamins (B and C), and minerals such as sodium, potassium, zinc, selenium and iron. Yellow chanterelle mushrooms contain beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A (also available in eg carrots) and is also a source of vitamin D supplementation. Mushrooms are also very fat poor, so use the sponge to flavor a good greasy sauce or fry in butter and use as an accompaniment to food.

Low carb diet

Low carb diet

Eggs are the perfect food. One egg contains a lot of nutrients and no carbs. Did you know that an egg contains all the vitamins except vitamin C? Eggs are also one of the foods that you eat most of when you start to eat low carb keto diet. The variations are endless – besides boiled and fried eggs, you can make scrambled eggs and you can of course also use eggs as an ingredient in various dishes. A couple of boiled eggs can always be in the fridge ready to be eaten as a snack or for breakfast if you do not have time to cook eggs in the morning. Try to choose organic eggs because they contain a better balance of omega3 and omega6.

Nuts are a good source of fat and other nutrients. All nuts are not good to eat for eating carb.
Good nuts to eat are:
* Brazil nuts – low carbohydrate (3.4%). Brazil nuts contains much selenium.
* Macadamia Nuts – very good fat and contain iron and B vitamins (thiamine).
* Hazelnuts – contains a lot of vitamin E. Contains 3.4% carbohydrate
* Almonds – contains a lot of vitamin E, iron, zinc and calcium. They contain about 6% carbohydrate
* Pecans – high in zinc

Remember that Peanuts are not a nut but a legume. It has a relatively high carbohydrate content (over 10%). Cashew nuts are relatively high in carbohydrates (18.8%)

Meat is a natural part of the low carb keto diet. Choose beef, pork, lamb or game and do not cut off the fat. The meat is also an important source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals.
Try to choose meat from grazing animals. Keep in mind that 100 grams of meat is not equivalent to 100 grams of protein. Meat contains about 20% protein. A good way to get started easily with your low carb diet is to start eating keto burgers. Basically it is a normal hamburger, but without the bread.

Keto Hamburger

Keto Hamburger

Fish of all shapes you can eat when you eat low carb keto diet. Choose any fatty fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel. Fish is high in protein, and oily fish is also a source of omega3.
Keep in mind that 100 grams of fish not equal to 100 grams of protein. Fish contains about 20% protein. If you want breaded fish you should keep in mind that regular breading in bread crumbs and / or wheat flour contains a high amount of carbohydrates.

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