Dairy products on keto diet

Dairy products are often used in a low carb diet. It is important to always choose the full fat products like sour cream and whipping cream. Never ever light products. Here are some advice when you want to look into what diary product that are okay on a keto diet.

Never use cooking cream, or other creams available as a substitute for real whipped cream. Always choose 40% cream. The 36% often contain carrageenan, a food additive for the cream to go to whisk.

dairy products

dairy products

Creme fraiche is available in many flavored varieties that have a relatively high carbohydrate content while they’re skinny. They often contain additives. Choose rather fullfet creme fraiche and season yourself with various spices.

On the shelf products with lactose-free is sour Рa sour cream with fat content of 42%. Goes well with everything that otherwise uses Creme Fraiche, sour cream or yoghurt. Turkish or Russian yogurt has a higher fat content than other yogurt varieties.

Yogurt can be flavored with fruit and sweetened with either sugar or artificial sweeteners and thus contain many carbohydrates. Choose a Turkish yogurt or Russian yogurt that has high fat content. Avoid all yogurts with fruit flavor.

A glass of milk contains many grams of carbohydrate when a deciliter of milk is equivalent to about 100 grams, which means that a glass of milk (3 cups) contains about 12-15 grams of carbohydrates – that is almost a full day’s intake of carbohydrates if you want to lose weight. Instead of milk, one can use coconut oil in the coffee. Another option is to dilute whipping cream (40%) in water and use it instead of milk.

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