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Things to avoid on low carb diet

When you are starting out with a low carb diet like the Keto diet or LCHF diet it can sometimes be hard to know what to eat and what not to eat. We have posted several guides earlier on what you can eat out at restaurants, how to make a good keto hamburger and what you should eat at home. Sometimes it however can be easier to think about what not to eat. If you eat according to the low carb diet these are the types of food you should try to avoid.

Low carb diet

Low carb diet

Foods to fully avoid:
* Bread and biscuits, basically all bread is bad for you, it contains too much carbohydrates. There are recipes for bread that you can make as replacement but if you do not demand to have bread now and then we suggest to completely avoid it.

* Pasta, very easy to make and probably something that most people eat on a regular basis. However, looking at the amount of carbohydrates it contains it is not good for your low carb diet.

* Couscous, bulgur and the like is similar like pasta. It has way too much cabrohydrates to be healthy for you. Replace it with a simple salad instead.

* Oatmeal, cerals and grains, contain similar basis as pasta and Couscous, you need to skip this if on a diet like keto or LCHF.

* Cereals, Porridge and grains, replace your breakfast cereals with some eggs, bacon and other similar things. Tastes much better, you get more full on it and lasts longer in the day. And not to mention, it is also much more healty.

* Corn and corn products (eg popcorn, cornflakes). Products made out of corn is also not good for you. Corn contains quite much carbohydrates and therefor you have to avoid it.

* Potatoes and potato products such as potato chips, potato chips you probably knew already that it was not good for you but normal boiled or fried potatoes is also not good for you. If you are from one of the northern European countries potato is the base for all meals. Now however you have to try to avoid it.

* Rice, similar like potato, you have to try to stay away from it completely. The amount of carbohydrates in rice makes it not good for your diet.

In addition to above major things you should also stay away from all products that are light products, contain margarine or that is sweetened with any kind of sweeteners. It does not matter if it says it is 0 carbohydrates in it, it is still not good for you since it tricks the body into thinking it is getting sugar.

For oil products you should focus on eating olive oil, avoid other oils like corn oil, sunflower oil and other oil that is produced.

When it comes to fruit and berries you do not need to stay away from all of them. There are some fruits and berries that contain a low amount of carbohydrates. These you can eat if you make sure you do not eat too much. Could be good together with some cream.

Hope this guide has been helpful to you. Feel free to share it to your friends or post a comment below.

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Paleo diet compared with LCHF

Here is a short explanation of what is the difference between Paleo and the LCHF diet. Let’s start with looking at the Paleo diet compared with LCHF.

Low-carb diet?

The biggest difference is that Paleo is not a low-carb diet but aims to eat carbohydrates in the form of fruits, vegetables, roots and berries instead of starchy carbohydrates. Those who eat according to strict LCHF are not allowed to eat fruit or root vegetables and not all vegetables.

Dairy Products

Within the Paleo diet you have to remove all dairy products because it is food that we are not really made ​​for and that has been added on to what people ate a long time ago. LCHF includes dairy products and especially the fat dairy products.

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Gluten and Protein

Both the Paleo diet and LCHF exclude gluten from the diet, which often results in stomach gets better and quieter on most people. Both are protein-rich diet attitudes, which is also the nutrient that saturates the best and which also results in that we often eat less when we become full sooner. Whatever you choose, you should look at yourself and which one that suits you the best! Just because your neighbor is doing brilliantly and lost weight with Paleo or the LCHF diet, does not mean that it is right for you.

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Example of a day on low carb diet

The key when eating according to a low carb keto diet is that you should be eating real food and eating so you get full. Here are some examples of how one day you can look:

* Bacon & Eggs
* Turkish yogurt with flaxseed or homemade LCHF musli
* Oopsies, or nut bread with butter, cheese and ham
* Carb coffee
* Leftovers from last night’s dinner

* Meat or fish with a good oily sauce and some vegetables
* Salad with cheese, shrimp or eggs with avocado and a fat dressing
* Baked broccoli with ham

* Meat or fish with a good oily sauce and mashed broccoli
* Taco gratin
* Chicken with accessories such as haricot verts and a good oily sauce

* A handful of nuts
* A piece of brie cheese or baby bel cheese
* Boiled eggs with mayonnaise

* You should mainly drink water when on a low carb diet.

There are many carb-recipe books to read if you want inspiration to carb-friendly foods. You can also find inspiration at any recipe collections available on the Internet.

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