Beef and Ribs for lunch and dinner

Today’s intake of food was very similar to yesterday. Focus is on meat, fat from butter and olive oil and some vegetables on the side. Started the day with just a cup of coffee. No need for any additional food before lunch today. Started to feel a little hungry around 13.00 so cooked up some lunch then.

beef with garlic butter

beef with garlic butter


Today’s lunch consisted of same type of food that I had for lunch yesterday. I really like this meal and could eat it every day. The only thing I change with it is if I have garlic butter with it or just some kind of sauce. The sauce I usually make from the spices left in the pot after cooking the meat together with some cream. I also sometimes use a Bearnaise sauce together with the meat.

Started by cutting the vegetables and having them ready. The garlic butter was already ready from yesterdays cooking. Fried the beef together with the usual spices (main focus is on chili pepper). The served everything on the plate as a nice composed lunch.

beef with garlic butter and cucumber

beef with garlic butter and cucumber

* 350g of beef
* Garlic butter from yesterday
* Butter to cook the meat in
* Olive oil to cook the meat in
* Cucumber and tomatoes just because need some vegetables
* Mixed spices for the meat

Totally this dinner ended up on these nutrition values:
* Protein 48 gram / 194 calories
* Fat 75 gram / 663 calories
* Carbs 4 gram / 16 calories


The dinner today was cooked by my wife. These ribs are one of my favorite dishes. I am not sure about the exact ingredients and most likely a little too much carbohydrates in the spices and sauce they are drenched in but I can afford that since I am usually quite low on carbohydrates.

ribs for dinner

ribs for dinner

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